Ginger Flared Jeans




I made another pair of Ginger Jeans back in early February, this time I decided to try out the Flared Jeans that Heather released at the end of last year. I have perfected the fit of the High Waisted version of the jeans and I am really happy with them now. My black skinnies were basically a size 12 with narrow seams straight out of the packet. With these ones I decided to take a pinch out of the length at the waist and make the 12 again.


Ginger Flared Jeans


The denim I used was this 12 oz blue denim from our shop.  The denim I used in the flares – while being heavier in weight than the black denim skinnies seems to have more stretch – both have 3 % lycra but just goes to show – you should treat each denim differently. It’s got a lot more give in it than any of the other denims I’ve used in my Ginger Jeans, and feels nice and soft to wear.

Ginger Flared Jeans

Once I printed out and assembled the pdf , I cut the fabric out on a single layer. This means you keep the grainline straight for each leg piece. I think in making previous jeans – cutting out the legs on the fold I may have skewed the grainline slightly – learn from your mistakes!



The jeans sewed up quickly – maybe 10 hours over a few days including cutting etc. I had the machines lines up, one for sewing the seams, overlocker for finishing the edges and a machine for topstitching. I followed the tutorial on Heather’s site and it just makes so much sense especially when it came to inserting  the fly.20160205_140444



The key is to sit down and have time to complete one step in the process as outlined in the tutorial and then go off and reward yourself with a nice cup of tea / coffee or whatever.

Once I got to the point of trying on ( I always baste the side seams and try on to check the fit – see above note on the precarious nature of denim – before attaching the waistband) I knew I was going to love wearing these jeans. The size was good so I went ahead and finished them.


As usual I had to cut a chunk off the legs – even though I am tall – 5’9″ – my legs are short in proportion – it’s all in my back 🙁


And that was it – New Jeans – DONE!


Ginger Flared Jeans

If you want to make your own – we have the paper pattern in the shop and you can get the flared option pdf on Heather’s site – Closet Case Patterns.

So my next pair of jeans will either be a pair of high waisted skinnies in black ponte or a pair of the straight legged jeans (Version A) with a modified higher waist in one of our cotton sateens for summer. Now which colour to choose…